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ABOUT At First Sight

In 1997, at our older son's two-month exam, the pediatrician turned to face us: "Brace yourselves," she said; "I don't think Ethan can see." That was the beginning of our journey to the so-called Planet of the Blind ... .

Once we had grasped all that living with blindness meant (and, did not mean) we were astounded to learn that as few as 10% of people who are blind or visually impaired, learn to read braille. In 2001, starting with a simple heart pendant, and my signature, Smithsonian/Cooper-Hewitt, and American Printing House for the Blind, award-winning original braille/print alphabet bracelet, I designed the world's first line of braille fashion jewelry, combining the aesthetics of design and the functionality of braille. 

Braille recognition within the sighted community has risen in the years since I launched my jewelry line, as has the prevalence of jewelry with braille – I'm happy to have helped propel it, and I hope you'll find something here you'll fall in love with ...      

~At First Sight!


Sincere best,



In addition to designing award-winning jewelry, Leslie is an experienced, versatile voice actor. Her voice has been described as warm, nuanced, honest and professional. Leslie has a quick understanding and interpretation of copy, tone, and intention. She takes direction with ease and can improvise when there's room. She is experienced in audio book narration, medical narration, e-learning, corporate narration and commercial work. Visit

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