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Triple strand bracelet (the one pictured has "jump" in braille/print cell/letter beads) with a combination of elements - an oval/round rolo chain; a row of beads, and a row with a combination of those - and, the beautiful braille!

You've got all kinds of design options on this style, and I'll help you navigate choosing what you'd like best. (Also pictured above, a necklace made to go with this bracelet, and earrings that work perfectly!)

Ornate Bali sterling silver connections at each end, and a sleek, sliding tube clasp.


*Chain options available.

*Be sure of your wrist size by measuring against (firm, but not squeezed) your wrist, where it flexes, just below the wrist bone.


Price is for up to 7.5" ($10 per each additional half-inch.)

Bead and Chain Bracelet

Stone Colors
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