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With, or without braille somewhere in the design, these whimsical Steampunk designs - an H.G. Wells/Wild, Wild West style mashup, where the Victorian era meets the future and steam is the fuel for all technology; a mix of science fiction, fantasy and historical fiction - are one of the most fun for me to create! Often, the pieces I incorporate propel me in the direction the piece ends up going.


Generally, I try staying away from the trite use of mass-produced, fake watch pieces, instead, incorporating real watch cogs and wheels, jeweled watch stems, sometimes larger, partially working pocketwatch portions, and other objects that balance romance and science fiction fantasy.


I'm able to use only your treasured pieces, mine, or a mix of both, for a one of a kind jewelry piece you'll never grow tired of! 


*These pieces are best worked on together, and vary in price, starting at $125. I appreciate the allowance of three weeks creation time. 


Steampunk Necklaces (starting at)

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